Updated March 17, 2020
The pastors and deacons have made the decision to immediately cancel all weekly
church ministries. With the growing number of restrictions and closures being
announced because of Covid-19 and the recommendations being made by provincial
and federal health authorities, and out of concern for the well-being of everyone in our
PCBC family, we have made this unwanted but necessary decision. At this point we
don’t know when we will be able to gather together for fellowship and worship. The
leadership will reassess things early in April. But as this virus may continue to be an
issue well into spring, we have to adjust to what has been called ‘the new normal’ for a
That said, we will still provide weekly teaching through posting of devotions and lessons on                                                                our church Facebook page. Sermons will be available Sunday mornings. Music
may be included, but for those who love to sing songs of our faith there are options both
on television and online. Also, we are adding to our website this week an option by
which to continue your financial giving to the ministry.
Church ministry is clearly going to look very different for many of us for a while. We all
know that gathering in a building to sing and to study is but one facet of practicing our
faith. The Church is who we are. It’s about being the body of Christ, living life under the
Lordship of Jesus every day, wherever we are, among neighbours who both know the
Saviour and those who don’t. As we face this time of life interruption and uncertainty, I
encourage everyone to let your faith come to the forefront. Reserve time for personal
nourishment in God’s word. Reach out to loved one’s and neighbours with phone calls,
emails, face time or even in person – but keep your distance. And remember that the
Lord is ever near.
Contact either myself, Collin or one of our deacons if you have a specific prayer or
concern that may be able to assist you with. Updates related to the ministry will be
posted as we move forward.
Praying daily for you all,
Pastor Mark